gesture 2006, sterling silver, giclee prints, 100 x 170 x 45mm object, 290 x210mm prints photography Terence Bogue

abash 2005, sterling silver, patina, giclee print, 75 x 42 x 14 objects 90 x 12 x 38mm print, photography Terence Bogue

constrain examines socio-political and psychological factors that constrain freedom of movement, external influences that induce a sense of isolation or enforced restriction in an individual.  This project has been influenced by historical objects of social derision, devices constructed to evoke a sense of shame, social degradation and otherness. Of particular focus is exertion of external authority and restriction of free will, with pieces enforcing constructed mobility, rendering habitual ways of moving onerous and deliberate.

bound 2005, sterling silver, giclee print, 70 x 70 x 14mm object 90 x 70 x 10mm print, photography by Terence Bogue

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Melbourne Australia

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