smother proposes a more realisitic and pragmatic interpretation of mothering, using jewellery as a communicative tool to reframe motherhood myths, the ‘good mother’/’bad mother’ positioning prevalent in the media, and in turn challenge existing ideals of worth and perfection. Offering an alternative reference point - one that revels and reveres mundanity and demonstrates heightened awareness of the physical and psychological labour and loading involved in parenting.

cosmetic suggests aesthetic surgery acts as a surface refurbishment disengaged from underlying beauty. Work developed for cosmetic is largely ephemeral, challenging the permanence of common surgical interventions.  Pieces reference aspects of the surgical process, from pre-op marking, open wound and healing, through to more subtle cosmetic embellishments. The displayed body is segmented- mirroring the process of considering cosmetic surgery, a reduction and splitting of the self into a collection of parts as opposed to knowledge of the body as a whole.

gloss is a monochromatic response to idealised concepts of preciousness and beauty, using sculpture, photography and lustre to highlight an alternate view of inherent value and worth. This series documents alchemical propositions within an intimate landscape, suggesting ways the body can be affected using superficial embellishment. 

constrain examines socio-political and psychological factors that constrain freedom of movement, external influences that induce a sense of isolation or enforced restriction in an individual.  This project has been influenced by historical objects of social derision, devices constructed to evoke a sense of shame, social degradation and otherness. Of particular focus is exertion of external authority and restriction of free will, with pieces enforcing constructed mobility, rendering habitual ways of moving onerous and deliberate.

bind is a research project portraying the tenuous links and strong connections existing between individuals in close interpersonal relationships. It stems from a desire to cease making in isolation for a singular model and to draw others into the work.  There is a perceived existing level of intimacy  depicted in this series, with several works suggesting exchange pathways for genetic material from one body to another.

gestate was created from a need to document the way the body physically transforms during pregnancy and some of the thoughts that permeate during gestation.  The three works represent process of delivery, the misnomer a pregnant woman's stomach is public property and chemicals which make up a human male.

marked is a series of works investigating the residue left behind by jewellery, that resonate on the skin long after a piece has been removed.  This project uses skin as a self-referential mechanism and demonstrates how skin surfaces can be gently manipulated to respond to ephemeral embellishments.  In this manner, the premise behind the marked series is the ability of skin to transmute into temporary articles of jewellery, topically and through introduced means, in addition to the more common role as a site for adornment.