precious 2009-2013, 24 karat gold, lipstick compound 930 x 1290mm, photography by Terence Bogue

flow 2013, 22kt gold leaf, plastic, digital giclée prints (x8), 210 x 295mm, photography by Tiffany Parbs

currency 2013, 22kt gold leaf, plastic, giclée print 420 x 315mm, photography by Tiffany Parbs

gloss is a monochromatic response to idealised concepts of preciousness and beauty, using sculpture, photography and lustre to highlight an alternate view of inherent value and worth.  This series documents alchemical propositions within an intimate landscape, suggesting ways the body can be affected using superficial embellishment.

vestige 2013, gold paint, giclée prints, 420 x 550mm, photography by Tiffany Parbs

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Melbourne Australia

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