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material life

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Material play for smother - forming and determining new ideas based on the limits and capabilities of the material at hand.

Trying to translate some loose ideas into a tangible form by revisiting a cluster of well worn familiar and agreeable questions:

+ can I stretch the inherent potential of the material in unexpected ways?

+ am I highlighting and celebrating the material?

+ will it achieve the results I'm expecting?

+ am I traveling down a road less traveled? ie what are the usual connotations associated with the material? What do I want the material to say instead?

+ will the manner in which I'm employing the material create a shift in perception so the viewer can experience the core idea of the work in an unexpected or less predetermined way?

This weeks choices include teeth, velcro and plasticine. Fun and games, games and fun, play, play, play

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